Special Series: African American Muslims - 2008
by Aminah Beverly McCloud
In this first article in a series on African American Muslims, Aminah Beverly McCloud, director of the Islamic World Studies Program at DePaul University, discusses why "African American Muslims seem the best-equipped and well-placed to bridge the widening gap between America and the Muslim world".
(Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 27 May 2008) 
by Aisha H.L. al-Adawiya
Aisha H.L. al-Adawiya, founder and executive director of Women in Islam, Inc., provides an insightful account of how African American Muslim women "struggle in the interest of social justice" across many communities in the United States and around the world.
(Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 3 June 2008) 
by Sheikh Anwar Muhaimin
In this third article in our series on African American Muslims, Quba Institute director Sheikh Anwar Muhaimin considers the impact of Islam on his predecessors – young African American men in 1940s America – providing them with a connection "to a universal and global family".
(Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 10 June 2008) 
by Dawud Walid
Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Michigan, considers how African American Muslims serve as an example that violence between the West and Muslim communities is not inevitable.
(Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 17 June 2008) 
by Jimmy E. Jones
Jimmy E. Jones, associate professor and chair of World Religions at Manhattanville College and president of Masjid Al-Islam in Connecticut, considers three different responses by African American Muslims to the new level of scrutiny faced after September 11, 2001.
(Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 24 June 2008) 
by Faheem Shuaibe
Faheem Shuaibe, resident Imam of Masjidul Waritheen in Oakland, California and the director of the Mohammed Schools of Oakland, considers African American Muslims' unique role in reducing cultural discrimination and misunderstanding towards Muslims around the world.
(Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 1 July 2008) 
Women of Tunisia: Let your voices be heard!

The women of Tunisia have a decisive role to play in shaping Tunisia's future. Fatma Ben Saïdane reminds women of the power of their vote and the importance of civic engagement.
"I have received six questions from several individuals working for the Common Ground News Service. I hope that students and specialists in our university (Al Azhar), as well as those concerned with general intellectual matters, will take note of the effort behind these questions, how they came to be issued only after extensive information - gathering and study that could fill shelves, and after the kind of organized thought that draws connections between various facts and which does not busy itself with the illusions, trifles, and pettiness that upend the edifice of knowledge."

- Sheikh Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti of Egypt

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