Special Series: Jerusalem - 2010
by John Bell, Michael Bell, Mike J. Molloy, Tom Najem
In our first article in a special series on Jerusalem, founders of the Jerusalem Old City Initiative outline their plan for a “special regime” which differentiates between “peoples” and “place” and is designed to keep the Old City as one urban unit. In the authors’ views the current tensions have highlighted once again why such a regime could be an important answer to the complex problems facing the city.
(Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 24 June 2010) 
by Carol Daniel Kasbari
Carol Kasbari, a Palestinian born in Nazareth, shares her experiences of living on both sides of Jerusalem for the past 18 years, in this second article in our special series on Jerusalem. Kasbari talks about the great difficulties of living as a Palestinian-Israeli in this city but also describes how her perspective affords her a unique role as a mediator who works to reveal each side’s humanity to the other.
(Source: Common Ground News (CGNews), 24 June 2010) 
by Nita Schechet
In our third article in a series on Jerusalem, Nita Schechet, an American-born Jewish-Israeli reflects on how she has been able to weave the multicultural fabric of Jerusalem into her daily life. As a senior lecturer in a college with a mixed Jewish and Arab student body and staff, she highlights the opportunities for inspiring exchanges amongst the students and the lecturers, and talks about how these experiences allow her to cultivate a deep sense of a “future goodness”.
(Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 24 June 2010) 
by Hagai Agmon Snir
With all eyes focused on the political future of Jerusalem, the social and economic reality is largely neglected says Hagai Agmon Snir of the Jerusalem Intercultural Center. In this fourth article in our series on Jerusalem, Agmon Snir explains why working now to save Jerusalem from its decline is crucial for ensuring that the city is inhabitable in times of peace.
(Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 08 July 2010) 
by Sidra Ezrahi
Sidra Ezrahi writes about the role of imagination and poetry in offering inclusive alternatives to the exclusive one-dimensional stories that characterise the conflict over Jerusalem. In this fifth article in our series about Jerusalem, Ezrahi makes a case for poetry as a way of saving the city and its people from the destructive cycle of war and sacrifice.
(Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 22 July 2010) 
by Hanna Siniora
In the sixth article in our series about Jerusalem, Hanna Siniora of the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information advocates split sovereignty over Jerusalem while maintaining open borders between the Israeli and Palestinian sections. In a tribute to the humane ideas of the late Palestinian leader Feisal Husseini, Siniora outlines a plan for sharing the city which would enable all of us – Israelis and Palestinians – to claim it as our own.
(Source: Common Ground News Service (CG News), 22 July 2010) 
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