Special Series: Voices of Tunisian Youth after the Revolution - 2012
by Akrem Kaabi
Many Tunisian students participated actively in the revolution, but what do they think about their country’s progress today? Tunisian student Akrem Kaabi looks at this question in the first article in a series highlighting the ideas and initiatives of Tunisian youth. (Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 2 October 2012)
by Amina Benkhlifa
In the second article in a series featuring the voices of Tunisian youth, Tunisian student Amina Benkhlifa looks at how theatre brought the world to her hometown. (Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 16 October 2012)
by Meriem Marufi
The most crucial issue affecting Tunisia is what happens to half of its population – women, writes Meriem Marufi in this third article featuring voices of Tunisian youth after the revolution. (Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 6 November 2012)
by Nour Awaiss
What have Tunisian youth been doing since the revolution? Plenty, says, Nour Awaiss, French and Arabic Outreach Editor at Search for Common Ground, who spoke with six youth about their vision for Tunisia, and what they are doing to achieve it. (Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews) 25 September 2012)
by Jihed Fradi
Jihed Fradi, a member of the Youth Leaders Council of Zaghouan, highlights the role of Tunisian youth in tackling drug abuse in this fifth article in a series featuring the voices of Tunisian youth. (Source: Common Ground News Service (CGNews), 4 December 2012)
Women of Tunisia: Let your voices be heard!

The women of Tunisia have a decisive role to play in shaping Tunisia's future. Fatma Ben Saïdane reminds women of the power of their vote and the importance of civic engagement.
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